Boba Fett, everyone who knows Star Wars knows who Boba is.  Even if you don’t know his back story or all the specifics you know he’s a bounty hunter, you know he wears cool armor, has a jetpack, and his dad outclasses him in every way…

Yeah I’ll say it! Jango is the better Fett!  Let me explain.

What exactly do Boba and Jango do in the movies?  Starting with Boba he basically just stands there, looking cool. A lot of his character building is more descriptive or speculative to us the movie viewers.  He does fly his spaceship some, but he’s basically acting as a space bloodhound that got lucky. He does get a chance to fight eventually and that goes about as well as being shot in the jetpack, careening out of control, and falling into the gaping maw of a giant sand monster…   To make matters worse until I actually knew more about him from the EU I actually kind of thought he was just a super storm trooper or something. Not to mention my friend Eric says his first canonical appearance was actually in the Holiday special that shouldn’t be mentioned like ever… and his appearance in Ep4 was actually retconned in along with the cringy CGI Jabba

NOW let’s look at Jango, what does Jango do in the movies?  Well he first shows up as a mysterious presence that kills the bounty hunter who failed to take out Padme.  Later once Obi manages to find him he plays coy for a little bit to get obi off his guard, eventually he shows his true intentions and fights a fully trained jedi knight in his prime!!!  Managing to escape the encounter he and Obi duke it out a bit in a space battle where Slave 1 is clearly the superior machine but Obi is a much better “mostly cleverer” pilot and again they both escape this” later on Jango joins in the massive Jedi Droid arena battle where he kills a Jedi and takes out a rampaging beast! He was then disarmed and beheaded by the Jedi Master Mace Windu.

While not exactly Jango, you could also give the man credit in the fact that he was the template of an ENTIRE CLONE ARMY!!! An army who against overwhelming odds stood strong against a huge number of droids, and in the end of the series killed off any jedi not lucky enough to show up in the original trilogy, or the Rebels Cartoon.  Not to mention he get special brownie points for his space battle with Obi likely destabilizing a number of large asteroids raining hot fiery death down on the zombie bug planet!!!

I just find it odd that everyone seems to prefer Boba over Jango despite the movies showing Jango is a much better character.  I know many people don’t like the prequel trilogy very much, but facts are fact. And actions speak louder than words. Perhaps Jango’s capabilities in the Prequels were a bit of an apology by George for not handling Boba very well in the original trilogy?  Boba really wasn’t handled very well by the movies at all and mostly was used as a slight annoyance to the main cast at best and comic relief at worst… He deserved better! He deserves a saving face movie of his own! He is the son of Jango afterall! A Bounty hunter who survived the clone wars as a kid, grew up in space fascism, and has a huge list of EU feats that truly do make Boba a very capable character!