Citroen vs Trailhawk

During the first week in April I found out about a concept car produced by the car company Citroen. A smallish French brand that I typically don’t pay attention to because they arn’t sold in the US. All i know is they have a long history starting with the weird Beetle wannabe C2V to the funky UFO on wheels SM of the 70s to the current lineup which IMO has one of the best looking design language of any European car brand! if anything tied with VW.

Anyways the Concept Car I am referring to is called the 2015 Citroen Aircross Concept and it caught my attention big time! When I first it I thought CITROEN BUILT MY TRAILHAWK!!! You know, Dan’s Vehicle from my web comic series Dan’s Voyage! I highly doubt Citroen copied my design though XD but the resemblance is very uncanny. Both Cool and creepy at the same time, this is not the first time I’ve predicted a car design either but this is the most remarkable! The black fender flairs, the grill, the overall shape, size and function!!! Its cab is different but then again there is a 4 door version of the Trailhawk and this is dead on!!! i may actually borrow citreons extended cab style doors when i actually draw one! good call Citroen.

OK enough gushing over the real life Trailhawk and time for a little history lesson! The Trailhawk is a pretty old vehicle design in terms of the rest of my characters machines. Originally designed in mid 2008 as a Pontiac concept car I called the Firestorm. the Firestorm was a Solstice based second generation Aztek by a different name and function. Being a crossover alternative to the Jeep Wrangler, it combines the overall shape and size of the Solstice. with the funky looks of the Aztek, a retro Camaro inspired grill, and a removable roof setup like the 1990’s Pontiac Stinger Concept. I also created a Chevy, GMC, Opel, and Suzuki form of this car but they are not important to this discussion.

Pontiac Firestorm CUV

What is important is how this funky Pontiac concept doodle ended up as Dan’s Car in Dan’s Voyage. Originally in 2001 to 2004 when I was working on the first horrible version of Dan’s Voyage, Dan drove a 4 door 1998 Red Chevy Tracker SUV. One problem though was that I made him switch vehicles often though “i was bored” and ended up with a 2 door white tracker, a Red hover truck, a Suzuki Grand Vitara, and lastly a blue and yellow cross between an AMC eagle and a 69 Chevy Camaro. Dan stuck with this weird Blue and yellow car for the rest of the original comic’s run. By 2004 I was becoming bored with Dan’s Voyage and generally started thinking about other comic ideas none of them really amounted to much… but then in about 2009 I started to think about trying to revive Dan’s Voyage! starting to think about things I tried designing a few new vehicles for him to replace the flying cars in space concept. the Alpha light spacecraft was the best car alternative but at the same time I was sad that I was giving up the flying cars and inevitably ended up just giving him a car. That car was the Firestorm! though I decided to tweak its design some and rename it as the Trailhawk. Oddly The Trailhawk is a perfect mix of all of Dan’s original series vehicles! the red color and black plastic of the Tracker, the convertible top of the 2 door tracker, the SUV sports coupe shape of the Stinger “blue and yellow thing” and the space truck ended up turning into the Charon IV” the 2009 to 2011 run of Dan’s voyage kinda failed due to not going anywhere… and after that I just gave up for a while because I was working on concept art for Eric and Bobby who where trying to start up a video game company that has now transitioned into the web comic site this history lesson is posted on.

Trekker vs Trailhawk 2

While I was helping FB with concept art I was being inspired with comics once again and ended up starting a design system I dubbed Jet Punk! Around this same time Eric found out I was trying to draw a comic and felt overwhelmingly compelled to help me write it. So we talked back and fourth for about a week or so in the winter of 2013 and started building the story! Before I started to draw Dan’s Voyage I contemplated re redesigning the Trailhawk into the new Jetpunk style I drew. I only say this because I kind of regret not going Jetpunk XD this Trailhawk was AWESOME! but I decided against in the end fearing having to redesign everything else to fit the new car and started with the comic!

During the same period where I designed the Jetpunk style I also concepted battle mech versions of the Trailhawk and the old Bogey GT. the Mech was vaguely humanoid in shape and able to transform between car and robot mode while in motion! this concept will not be featured in the current run of Dan’s Voyage, though the idea may be utilized in a future timeline or another comic series when DV is done. To end this article I’m posting the rest of the Trailhawk drawing I’ve done over the years that aren’t on paper because seriously i’ve drawn this thing like 400 times now.
Jetpunk Trailhawk (3)

Trailhawk Battle Mech